Clinic Edit

Rooms Edit

Room Required
Waitingroom Waiting room Compulsory
Droffice Doctor's office Compulsory
Restroom Restroom Compulsory
Corridor Corridor Optional
Reception Reception Optional
Commonroom Common room Optional
Cleaningcloset Cleaning closet Optional
Lab STAT lab Optional

Staff Edit

Please note that while some staff are listed as optional, the department may not function properly/efficiently without them.

Role Compulsory/Optional
Dr Doctor Compulsory (x1)
Nurse Receptionist (Nurse with Receptionist skill) Optional
Technologist Technologist Optional
Janitor Janitor Optional

Hospitalization Edit

Rooms Edit

Room Compulsory/Optional
Oncallroom On-call room Compulsory
Nursestation Nurses station Compulsory
Observationroom Observation room Compulsory


Trauma center Compulsory

Required Staff Edit

Day shift Edit

Role Number
Dr Doctor x1
Nurse Nurse x1
Stretcher Stretcher x1

Night shift Edit

Role Number
Dr Doctor x1
Nurse Nurse x1