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• 3/22/2018


Hi, just curious as to how easy it will be to add new types of staff and things like new rooms.
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• 3/23/2018
Hi, I think we can divide the mods into two groups:

- Data-only, which will be anything from new equipment and new rooms to new symptoms and diagnoses - these will usually mean editing some XML files and maybe adding a texture, no special tools required.

- Code (C# in our case), for everything more in-depth. One part that's designed with mod support in mind is adding new procedures that control patients and staff during examinations and treatments.
As we discussed in the other thread, adding new staff roles will be much more complex as there's a lot of dependencies in departments, user interface, save & load etc., so some support on our side would be probably needed.
• 3/23/2018
Thanks for the reply, that clears it up for me. :)
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