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hello everyone - i have setup a fan site for project hosptial
so link to here so free to come in or post something away in our project hosptial fan club (its delicated for this game)
please do give a feedback and any suggestions
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There's no link here.
my aplogizes

here is link that was missing from main post
Rsdgaming Rsdgaming
Oh right, so is this just your own website? Also, the spelling in the name of the game is off a bit.
yup - so you are welcome to join
its will be base for mods for project hosptial
I see, is that official?
no - the fan sites are not offical - however most fan sites generally host the mods or etc
Isn't the game going to use Steam Workshop? Don't take this the wrong way but the site seems kinda amateurish and with regards to mods, not really needed. You're also selling 'premium memberships'...
@paximpertia - let me answer your questions

about steam workshop and mods
project hosptial hasnt stated on mods on steam workshop but some games have dual mods - one on steam workshop and other on other sites
the mods - that will appear in future - its not needed right now

regarding about site
its rough edges at moment but slowly trying to get look nice less Amateurish

about permium memberships - everyone might like a extras but however its Optional for members

i hope that answers the questioins - if you need more questions - you can free ask in fan site - you are welcome
also i will listen to your feedback and change if needed
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