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• 3/14/2018

System requirements

I'm curious as to what the hardware requirements are likely to be for Project Hospital? I'm certain my desktop PC will run the game no problem, I'm more interested in how the game might run on lower end hardware; in particular systems like laptops with 2 core 4 thread processors and integrated graphics solutions!
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• 3/15/2018
Hi, hardware requirements should be pretty modest :)

We still have some time reserved for optimizing performance when we're finished implementing the main features, so we'll have more specific numbers then, but we've already been testing on integrated Intel GPUs daily and we've tried a few pretty old dual core laptops.
Note: As the performance (CPU side mostly) depends on how much you build and how many characters there are at one time, the final requirements will be based on a fully equipped, fully staffed hospital with the maximum number of floors.
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