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question for devs

i would like to join the content creators but i dont know where to ask to?
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Hi, if I remember correctly, we talked on twitter about modding, right? Well, basically you're first! :)

Generally it makes sense to start experimenting with the game when the data formats have mostly stabilized (basically when the game is released), but I'm expecting people to start trying stuff out already in the beta - let's see if a modding community starts forming then.
We also plan to support modders by releasing documentation and possibly patching stuff in to make changes easier, but that will come mostly after release, as the priority for now is clear: finish the game! :)
nice - i would be happy to start modding on beta because i would provide one - i did mod grand life game - which had no mods before started so i kickstarted it now they have some modders
also i did alot of mods across some games
i would be happy be contacted :)
i have sent you email regarding fan site but havent heard yet
Yes, we got it, I'm trying to go through all forum questions (and related mail) this morning :)
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