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• 3/12/2018

List of room types

Can we or do we have a list of all the room types?
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• 3/12/2018
Well, this will be a tricky one, there's a lot of different rooms on the list, so let me try to list them for one hypothetical specialized department. As usually, this might still slightly change:

For outpatients:
- Waiting room
- (Specialized) doctor's office

For inpatients:
- On call room - doctors reside here
- Nurses station - nurses reside here
- Common room - members of staff relax here
- Operating room
- Normal priority inpatient ward
- High priority inpatient ward
- (Specialized) inpatient office
- (Specialized) examination units

- Reception
- WC
- (Specialized) STAT lab

Hopefully I haven't missed too many - then there are some specific to ER, ICU or Radiology:

- Trauma center (or shock room)
- Observation
- Rooms for X-Ray, MRI, ...
• 3/13/2018
Thanks! I'm drawing out hospital designs and this is really helpful.
• 3/13/2018
what about day wards? - its for patients who come in to do surgery or treatment then they go home before night comes in rather staying in inpatient wards for night but rare for them to transfer to inpatient ward
• 3/15/2018
The type of surgery will determine the duration of hospitalization, so yes, they could be set to release the patients the same day - not sure yet if it will apply to any of the surgeries/diagnoses that will be featured in the game (and normal inpatient ward rooms could be used if so, I don't think a specific room type would get used enough).
• 3/15/2018
great the day wards are very common across world and i was in hosptial yesterday - my mum was in a+e department then she moved to triage ward - that where patients assessed for any problems before moving on to Main wards or discharged
however the triage ward does not accept any patients FROM main wards however - the triage ward does accept patients from a and e or other referrals - once patient is in ward - they will checked reglaurly then doctor will decide if its good enough go home straight away from triage ward OR send to Normal wards or kept in triage ward - there is other part in unit
medical assement unit - there 3 sections in one ward
front part is ambulatory care then triage unit = has two male and two female bays (they have colours on walls to reflect which bay they are in) then futher down the corrdior inside ward - there is more rooms and bays)
also i would make triage room mod and such
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