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• 3/9/2018

ICU looks great, thank you for making this game!

I have just seen your image on Twitter of the Intensive Care Unit and it has me so unbelievably hyped for this game it's hard for me to contain myself haha.

Seeing that image really took me back to the few stays in hospital I have had over the years. I remember being in the intensive care unit after a serious accident. It's a very strange environment to find yourself in, I was hooked up to a ventilator and was doped up on about every painkiller under the sun, but still remember it well. I don't think I slept a single night in there, would always fall asleep during the day which is perhaps why that screenshot resonates with me with it being at night time. One of the clearest memories I have of ICU were the sounds, the medical equipment, the staff moving around and the constant drone of the air-conditioning! Looking forward to hearing the game as much as I'm currently enjoying seeing it :).

Will recovery rooms be in the game? My fondest memories of hospital (as bizarre as that might sound to some) were coming around after surgery in the recovery room. From shaking violently and having the Bair-Hugger on, to the realisation that you're going to be around to see another day is quite the roller-coaster of emotions, all packed into a few minutes of your life!

Again, thank you for making this game and focusing on a realistic medical setting. I really cannot wait to get my hands on it because what you've discussed and shown so far looks bloody fantastic!

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• 3/12/2018
Hey, thanks for sharing your experience! Great point about sound, hopefully we'll manage to get pretty close :)

Separate recovery rooms aren't planned, but your patients will be waking up in a bed - in one of the rooms of their ward. Also thinking about it - more detailed recovery and rehabilitation could go to our wishlist for future updates or DLC.
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