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Portering Staff

Will the game feature portering staff? Have noticed what appear to be medical staff moving patients.
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Hi, the game indeed features moving patients, but for the sake of gameplay there's not a separate profession dedicated to it, but it's set as one of the responsibilities of nurses - this should prevent having employees that are mostly idle in smaller hospitals and similar issues.
Do you expect it be reasonably possible to mod-in a type of staff to do this if desired? Thanks for the response.
At this point I'd say possible, but it would mean doing some coding and there's a lot of dependencies in the user interface, department management etc. - although I'd never underestimate modders :)
Also, it there's a lot of demand, we'll be happy to consider adding more professions or splitting some of the 'aggregated' ones ourselves after release, I can add a bullet point to our growing wishlist.
While common in some countrys in many nurses still move patients from rooms to operating theaters. Basically a point of view rather than a realism aspect.