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• 3/8/2018

Facilities Staff

I work in a large NHS hospital in the UK as a member of staff in the Facilities department, a department that's in charge of all the ancillary staff from linen, cooks and cleaners to porters and security etc.

The reason I'm posting this is that I'm willing to offer any insight I can into that side of things if required as I'm excited to finally see a realistic hospital sim and I hope the game really takes off.
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• 3/9/2018
Hi, thanks a lot for the offer, it's always great to see support from people who actually work in the medical field! :)
Unfortunately (but probably not surprisingly) facilities will be pretty simplified and while the game will feature a lot of the responsibilities, these will be integrated to the other departments.
That said, we'll be happy to get in touch if we find something to discuss or verify, could you send us an email to so we have a direct contact? Cheers!
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