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Theo Grant
• 3/4/2018

Next Development Update?

I've been following your work for awhile now and was very impressed with the level of detail and care you've put into it. Love the more professional and realistic approach you've taken.

I was particularly intrigued by your YouTube videos and development updates as they show the game in action, but it's been a while since the last one. Are you planing to do another anytime soon?
Would you like to see more frequent development updates or footage?
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Theo Grant
• 3/5/2018
Hi, thanks! And yes, there will be more videos at some point, they are actually quite fun to make - but currently we have a lot of new features in different stages of development already plugged in for testing (which is good) but it also makes it hard to isolate one 'finished' part of the game in a video. We're focusing more on screenshots for the moment to show some of the more polished rooms or sets of equipment as they make it to the game.

Here's the last one showing different inpatient wards, I think we'll be showing ICU and radiology (CT and MRI) next.
• 3/13/2018
Quite impressive, keep up the great work.
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