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Included Medical Specialties

I thought I saw this in a post or press release somewhere but I can't seem to find it so thought I would ask:

Any idea which medical specialties will be included in the initial release?
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Thanks for sharing the "if everything goes according to plan" list. Looks great! :D

I would love to see an infographic on this if you put one together. That being said, I'm already throwing my money at my screen so just let me know whenever you want to take it. Seriously. I will pay full price to get in on this game as early as possible, including either alpha or beta (something I know a few other people have said on this forum as well). So, if you are ever looking for an early sale and free bug testing, let me know. :)
@Fading Qualia - cheers! It's a great encouragement for us to see all the support here, we'll be happy to see you in the beta. I'd say helping us catch some of the issues we haven't encountered in our internal testing will be the most helpful thing at this stage, along with just sharing our news, tweets etc :)
@SarPonss - let's see if there's a lot of demand for pediatrics, we can of course add it to our wishlist for future updates. I should mention though that it would be one of the most time consuming content updates as it would require a complete new set of graphics and animations for the juvenile patients.
Hmmm. People will probably hate that I'm even suggesting this, but any chance of you all doing it as a "Pediatrics and Maternity" DLC after launch? Given the graphics work that goes into it and the new systems I can definitely see why it would be time consuming to do it. But, as long as DLC doesn't become the norm like it does for some games, I'd be more than willing to buy one here or there when the amount of time and work justifies it.

And I'll be looking forward to the beta! Although my doctor of a wife will probably hate it when I keep calling her over to help me diagnose patients. 😉
Also, I should mention that I do know you've mentioned a Maternity DLC in the past. Just saying I think peds could be a great combo with that if you do decide to go the DLC route. :-)
So we will have the opportunity to assign medical staff in the various units of our hospital? Example: I hire a nurse and I want to assign it to the ICU unit, can I? In previous hospital management games it was often a difficult aspect to manage. The nurses for example, it was not possible to assign them to a specific unit and therefore by the very fact, complicated enormously the management of the efficiency of the hospital.
Hi, yes, you will! Not only you hire staff for a specific department, but every employee has his or her own desk so you should have complete control.
Here's a slightly outdated screenshot showing staff assigned to the different workspaces:
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