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ED rooms

Good morning,
Is the construction of visiting rooms of different intensity in the emergency room planned? For example, a shock room with monitors and equipment, a medium-intensity room with a monitor, and then a room for minor codes.
Thank you very much
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Good afternoon :)
If I'm translating correctly to the terminology we're currently using, then yes - you'll have the option to build a trauma center (a shock room), an observation room (which can monitor patients, see screenshot) and also doctor's offices to accept walk-in patients.
Hi! Thank you for your answer. Yes I was thinking about the division of the Emergency Dep areas. As you mentioned a three level triage, i was thinking about a three level intensity of care. -Minor codes (lower level): doctor office for walk-in patients or beds for minor codes that require non-emergent hospitalization
- Medium severity (middle level): beds with monitors, light for sutures - Severe trauma/resuscitation: bed with monitor, lights, defibrillator, oxygen disposal, etc
A real-life example of shock room
Haha, yes, we've seen this very photo :)

Our trauma center (shock room) graphics assets are currently being worked on, so you should be able to have a look at the results soon-ish.

When it comes to longer-term or non-emergent hospitalization, it happens in the specialized departments - imagine a critical patient who gets stabilized in the ER, but then undergoes surgery and gets hospitalized for a few days in let's say department of orthopaedics and trauma.
You really need to stop responding with such good news like this. Every time I read how you all are designing this game I get more and more excited to try it out and we still have a number of months until release! 😀
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