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• 2/20/2018

Hospital Expansion

Hey guys I love the place this game is going ! I was wondering if :
1) Will there be a realistic Triage System much like CTAS?
2) Will there be an option to build different floors?
3) Are you going to be offering different allied services like Funeral Home pickup service, Biohazard Disposal, Hospital stock trucks and Secure rooms for police to place mental health patients?
4) Are you going to be able to purchase land to extend your hospital length and width wise instead of just one square to build in?

Thanks in advance :D
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• 2/21/2018
As far as I know, they will be supporting Modding, so in theory we can add anything!
• 2/21/2018
Well, there are bound to be some sort of limitations, but we will see what is already in the base game and what we can add through mods.
• 2/22/2018
Hi, four quick answers:
1) Triage - simplified (3 levels) but yes
2) Floors - yes
3) External services - mostly not, as we heavily focus on patients and diagnosis, a lot of the systems we planned earlier like electricity & plumbing, supplies and maintenance turned out to mostly detract from the main gameplay, some bits may end up on our wishlist for future updates
4) You can choose from different sizes of maps and freely shape and extend your building (plus floors - there should be enough room for everything :) )
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