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• 2/17/2018

Nighttime = ER?

Hello, first want to say I am really looking forward to this game! it looks beautiful and I really love tha art style. :) Now on one of the pictures I see you have nighttime cycle, does this mean:

1: That we might get a ER to the hospital? or will the hospital run the same way 24/7?

2: We get longterm patients staying for a longer time at the hospital to get illness cured?
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• 2/20/2018
Hi, TLDR version - yes! :)

1. Oupatients arrive only during the day, but you can get an emergency case both during the day or during the night - when you build your emergency, you'll also get the option to assign staff to day or night shift.

2. Yes, some hospitalized patients will need to stay for a few days, especially after surgery.
• 2/20/2018
Every time you reply to someone Jan I find myself wanting the game more and more, never before have I been so hyped for a game!! :D
• 2/22/2018
Thank you very much for the answer! You just convinced me and I will tell you now you have a buyer in me who will tell everyone I know about this game. Watching the pictures you guys have and the video so far truly makes this game interesting, and I am glad you have taken the path of more serious ilnesses and running a hospital on more serious level, rather copying Theme Hospital; i have wanted a Hospital game like this for a long time!
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