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• 2/3/2018

Epidemiology of Diseases

Hi, i'm a doctor and i was wondering if the diseases will be epidemiologically accurate, or at least, basically considered? For example, differences in prevalence of diseases by race (a lot of differences, sickle cell diseases in africans as an extreme example), by gender (e.g. urinary tract infection is much more common in women) and by age.
Also, some diseases can have different clinical presentations (for example, fever is much more common in an infant with pneumonia than in a elderly person).
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• 2/6/2018
Hi, this is an interesting topic and we had considered implementing it to some extent (whether it's gender, race, age, profession or for example vaccination), unfortunately it's quite likely that this side of the system will end up on our growing wishlist for future updates, as it's not really a core part of the diagnostic gameplay, based on examinations and uncovering symptoms.
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