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Triage at the ED

If it isn't already planned, it would be great to implement the figure of a nurse at the emergency department entrance that assign priority codes (red, yellow, green /priority 1 2 3) to patients. And patients with high will be treated first.
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Hi, we indeed have a priority system (also with three levels assigned to arriving patients). Interesting point about the color coding, I guess it's mostly used in disasters/mass casualty situations.
The most two used systems are colors and number. Colors are used also in hospital, not only in mass casualty or ambulance dispatch. Eg. a miocardial infarction is a red code/priority 1.
In the picture there is an example of a colour and numeric triage.

It could be interesting, because in the game, if I'm expecting a red code, I'll keep free my shock room and my best doctors
Yes, this is called Manchester Triage System and, afaik, it's a very popular method of classification of arriving patients at ER units. Usually done by the most experienced nurse in ER.
120 minute wait time in ER, ouch. Almost all hospitals in my state have wait times under an hour. The triage system looks interesting though and I definitely think it would add more depth and immersion into the game.
UK has diffferent systen - some hopstials have minor units where they seen for minor injures - that separates from majors - for very very illness or very bad injuries