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• 1/23/2018

What programming languaje are u using?

Hi to all, im from Argentina so sorry my bad english.
What languaje are u using to develop this excellent game? Im very interested on the developing proccess of games like this. And of course, when it get released, i will gladly work on my own mods for it if engine allows it.

Thanks and im eager for play PH
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• 1/23/2018
Hi, the game code is written in C#, which is a natural choice when using Unity. Probably worth mentioning we use the engine mostly to handle rendering and user interface, the game itself is basically pure C#.

Btw, when I was doing some research into engines back before we started the project, I came across this video series from quill18 - you might want to check it out, our general approach has a lot in common:
Unity Base-Building Game Tutorial - Episode 1!
Unity Base-Building Game Tutorial - Episode 1! YouTube
• 1/23/2018
Thank you for the reply! And doubble thankyou for that tutorial. As a Java developer, i think, C# will cause me no major problems cause they re pretty much the same :p Thanks! and i ll be waiting more info of this game, its wonderful
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