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• 1/20/2018

Complexity of diagnosing

First of all i must say i love dr. House. That's why i would like to ask about complexity of diagnosing. Let's start with an example. We have a patient with three possible diagnoses. The problem is we already did all available examinations. The thing you now have to do is proceed with a treatment. You have to use the medicament which wouldn't kill patient and which will cause a reaction (for example rash). From the reaction we would deduce the final diagnose and use proper treatment. So will this be possible? + Also would we be able to manually discard a symptom? Because sometimes would the symptom be just a side effect of an old bad treatment which will discard right diagnose for us. That's all. :)
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• 1/21/2018
Good question - I'll be interested to hear the answer to it. :)

Piggybacking off of that question, I would also be curious to know if it will be possible for patients to present with more than one simultaneous disease/condition. If so, then you would need to figure out which symptoms are pointing to which condition/disease, something which would also make diagnosing much more complex.
• 1/22/2018
Hi, about the diagnosis ... if you use all examinations available in our game, you will find the right diagnosis at 100%, but that would be a huge waste of money ... also the time, especially when the patient is in critical state and he hasn't enough time for all the needed examinations. Also the variety of examinations might be limited by your equipment and doctor's skills. In these cases you can't be 100% sure about the diagnosis, you can simply treat a wrong one and than you should be very careful with the choice of treatments, like you wrote above ;)
Discarding symptoms won't be possible, side effects and symptoms are recognizable in the UI ... we're sorry, but we have to avoid the overcomplicated gameplay.
• 1/22/2018
Multi-diseases and poly-traumas are on our wish list, but we aren't sure right now, if it's possible to implement these in the main release or later in patch.
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