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• 1/19/2018

Two buses...

You'll no doubt have seen that some of the former devs from Bullfrog have just announced a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital (Two Points hospital). Both games, yours and theirs seem to have been in development for some time, so this very much feels like a coincidence that both are to be released this year!

I wondered what you thought about this in terms of the challenges it brings to Project Hospital and also any benefits. I thin your decision to go for real illnesses was a masterstroke (no pun intended) and immediately differentiates you from the 'other game'. I think this news also brings the benefit of no longer having people who are disappointed that you have take this particular direction.
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• 1/20/2018
I’m curious to see what the devs think also! I’m in agreement that going with a more realistic setting was a masterstroke, there’s a market out there for simulation games that focus on more realistic strategy game play elements (think Airport CEO, Sim Airport, Software Inc, another brick in the mall, CSL and many more). I’ve always wanted a hospital game that based itself on a realistic medical setting purely because the medical setting has such great potential for a management and strategy game.

As for Two Point Hospital; the younger me loved Theme Hospital, but even back then I wanted more from it. Two Point Hospital looks as though they’re going for Theme Hospital 2.0 with different fictional diseases. I’m curious to how it holds up to both the Nostalgia crew and modern gamers. The core game play elements of Theme Hospital were very simplistic; the game was more about the humour than the strategy so they’re going to have to make sure that is on point otherwise it will flop. Personally Two Point Hospital does very little for me, seeing ghosts, mummies and people with lighbulb heads walking around kills my interest in the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they’re making the game and I do hope it’s a success for them, it’s just not for me!

Project Hospital is the first proper stab at a realistic hospital game so I hope this dev team pulls it off. Their interview with Schematics-Team on Youtube increased my confidence in them to deliver the goods!
• 1/21/2018
@Numptychops, I fully agree with you. I watched the release trailer for Two Point Hospital and, like you, it did very little for me. It looks like a slightly updated and reskinned Theme Hospital and, while I hope it does well, I much prefer the direction that Project Hospital is going. I love the depth and the realism. Maybe it's no coincidence that, like you, I also am a fan of Airport CEO, Sim Airport, and Software Inc. (with the latter probably being my favorite of those). If Project Hospital does for hospitals what those other games did for airports and software companies, then I fully expect this to become my favorite game in the genre.
• 1/22/2018
Well, interesting times! The timing seems to be a pure coincidence, but we can say we were already a bit puzzled when we started the project that a proper hospital-building game hadn't been made for such a long time. As we're personally fans of more complex games, the choice of realistic settings was pretty natural and more of pure luck than a master plan :)

It's definitely good for both projects that they're significantly different and we should benefit from the overall interest in the hospital theme that's been raised.
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