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• 1/12/2018


The game looks great, I work in a pathology lab and wondered if you were going to implement the ability for an air tube system for sending samples quicker? I think this would be a great feature, especially with muliple stories, also, will there be phebotomy?
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• 1/15/2018
We don't plan a 'utility mode' where you'd take care of all the wiring and piping, so an air tube system would have to be quite simplified (probably only ports in relevant rooms). Still, we like the idea ourselves so we'll be happy to add it to our wishlist.

Btw - I assume your hospital uses an air tube system, do you know how common they are in hospitals these days in general?

Btw2 - Yes, there will be blood samples :)
• 1/16/2018
i recall - some hosptials have air tubes for any items such xrays to other departments - its was in old days but nowdays the xrays and ct scans and any scans are sent via compuiter however the items needing be sent to labs are usually handled by air tubes or speical person who takes the samples to lab
• 1/17/2018
Ok, good to know - IIRC some research that our designers did a while ago showed these systems were becoming obsolete, but for physical samples it makes sense.
• 1/18/2018
Would be great to have a Research and Development feature that includes a lab. I worked in a Hospital for years and enjoyed talking to the guys in the labs.
• 1/31/2018
Hi, I'm a med student in Italy and I would like to share my experience: air vacuum tubes are widely used in Italian hospitals to rapidly bring blood samples from the ER to the laboratories where they are analyse; they are pretty much used only for this, as from the wards there is generally some nurses with the role of carrying all blood samples from the patients to the lab. Results and imaging are all computerised and so there's no need for that. Personally I'd find this addition interesting as a possible "upgrade": the examination lab has a port in it, if you place the port in any room the blood tests results requested from that room come faster but are more expensive. On the same line, all tests can be divided into "ordinary" and "urgent", with the urgent being given priority in the lab and thus delaying the non-urgent, but giving results much faster. For example, a patient with cough that is staying overnight may wait the following day to know the blood haemoglobin level, while an anaemic patient vomiting blood in the ER needs that level ASAP.
• 2/2/2018
Hi Erag, thanks for the detailed report! We already put the simplified air tube system on our wishlist, also good point about the lab priorities!
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