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• 1/11/2018

Elevator suggestion

i know you want a simple system but however i like see more options for elevators - eg bed elevators for patients who going down or up to operating theaters and service elevators for cleaning and things go in as i have seen those in UK hospitals - sometimes standard elevator ok for wheelchair patients or walking patients its depends on the size of elevator
(small - suitable for 1 carts Or 10 peoiple)
(medium - suitable for 1 bed/stretcher/3 carts or 20 people in elevator)
(large - suitable for 2 beds/stretchers/5 carts or 30 people in elevator)
player could customize elevator by adding
elevator doors - you could place two entrances at both sides at ground floor and one door on other floors
elevator car - variety of cars to match the decor
shaft walls
Pit area

the elevator should have options for control to player so player can chose what elevator setup he or she wants in hopstial
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• 1/15/2018
Hi, thanks for the suggestions! I'll be adding some of the points to our wishlist - while we'll only have time to implement the basic version for the main release, it's definitely something that could make it as a part of a future update (sizes, visual variations).
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