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• 12/31/2017

Thanks for Realism

I just wanted to say thanks for using real diseases and treatments. I know some people think of Theme Hospital and long for the humorous diseases, but personally I always wanted a hospital tycoon that was based on real life and realistic.

I only post because I've read a few posts asking for a more humorous direction but, for what it's worth, I really like the direction you all are going. I can't wait for release. 🙂
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• 1/4/2018
Hi, thanks for your message! It's always great to see support for the realistic setting. For us it was a natural choice as we aimed for a pretty in-depth game with a lot of replay value from the beginning.

Still, we can think of quite a few funny situations or subtle jokes we'd like to have in the game and if people use Project Hospital as a platform to mod in some crazy diseases, even better!
• 1/4/2018
I'm glad you've decided to go with a realistic setting also :). Doing a rehash of Theme Hospital with silly illnesses and humorous gags wouldn't have done anything for me and I loved the original Theme hospital!

Sometimes I think people get blinded by nostalgia; sure Theme hospital was fun for its time, but it was also staggeringly easy to play through. Hearing shrill announcers reminding people not too die in the corridors and daft illnesses would get old fast, more so if the gameplay was anything like the Bullfrog title.

if this game can get the strategy/management gameplay right (the medical setting is perfect for this) I really do think this game has the potential to be an absolute gem of a title. I've honestly not been this excited for a game in 10+ years!!!
• 2/14/2018
I think the realism is what will set this game apart from Two Points. I am looking forward to both actually at this point, one for the tactical challenge and potential education value and the other for that goofy screw ball humor that was theme hospital.

Realism was always something I wanted more of in theme hospital, because while it is kind of funny to see a patient waiting outside the OR for a life saving surgery while the doctor demands more money while playing video games halfway across the hospital, it does kind of take you out of the whole management element of the game.

So yea yay for realism and double yay if people actually manage to learn some good health advice (washing hands during flu season and such)
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