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• 12/31/2017

Underground passages/labs/departments?

In the trailer it is shown that it will be possible to build multi-level structures.
I'm asking if it will be possible (even post relase) to be able to build underground levels, for departments such as microbiology labs, anatomic pathology, morgue, etc?
What about elevators/patient elevators?

Thank you!
Can't wait for this game!
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• 1/4/2018
Hi, there shouldn't be any technical reasons preventing us from implementing underground floors, it's more of a design question - when we get closer to the content complete version, we'll see if there's enough facilities/rooms/labs that would make sense to be put underground. In either case, I can add this to our growing wishlist :)

Regarding elevators, they will serve both visiting and hospitalized patients, the system should be relatively simple.
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