I am soo excited for this game!

I was a fan of the old hospital game and couldn't find anything comparable after all these years then i saw this game somewhere and got me intrigued.

i am looking forward to having all aspects of a hospital in game including all the medical, architecture and finances in a hospital without going too detailed in wiring and plumbing as that can lead to a lot of work minus the fun.

I am definitely exited to seeing actual illnesses with having varying prognosis and tests to determine what they are including some weird and silly cases that would break all that seriousness every once in a while.

I like the idea of having some cafe/restaurant/canteen in there for the people to relax, staff to destress and refill their energy or patients eat so they could drink meds with something in their stomachs

maybe having the maternity, NICU, dialysis, rehab facility or other complicated/specialised departments on a DLC in the future wouldn't hurt.

but in any case as i said on the topic, im sooo excited about this game!