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• 12/11/2017

This is a miracle!

Once again I was re-playing Theme Hospital some days ago and I kept on thinking “how is it posible that a decent remake of this game has not been made yet?”. So I checked on google news and I found this amazing news. Omg I´m so excited!

In your website you ask what are we missing from what´s shown. While I was re-playing the original game I had many ideas of new things that could be implemented, and after looking at the screenshots you´ve posted so far I must say that you have fulfilled most of them already!

In any case here´s a little list of those things I missed in the original:

- Multi-floor hospitals, with stairs and elevators (check)
- Hospitalized patients, and the possibility of building rooms for them to stay. (check)
- A training system for doctors that is respectful with the original (because it was simple and fun at the same time), but also bigger and more complex. I´ve already seen cardiologists and it would be great to see more specialities and a training system that is similar to the original. (check)

- Café bar / Restaurant available for patients (this is something that would look great and almost every real hospital has one).
- More plants and ornamental objects! (I have already seen 2 types of plants, which is already an improvement from the original, but it would be great to have even more than that).
- Customizable name and data of employees.
- The option to create open areas like balconies or terraces (this should be possible if there is going to be multi-floor buildings).
- Office rooms and the possibility to have directives and other administration employee level (I have not seen this in the screenshots but it would be amazing to have it).

In any case I want to congratulate you because the game already looks beautiful. I love the cartoonish feel it has, very polished and clever. I know a lot of people is complaining about the fact that the game will have a more realistic approach to healthcare, instead of the humor of the original one. I personally found the fun sickness a key element in the original, but I totally support your decision and I think it´s a great opportunity to make it feel different, and even educative in a way. Keep up the amazing work, I´m going to be first in line to buy this game when it´s released.
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• 12/18/2017
Hi, thanks for your support and all the ideas! Good news, looking at your suggestions, most of the features have been either already implemented or planned (naming employees, more decorative objects, open areas). Regarding employee administration, it's possible to assign employees to individual workspaces in different rooms and set different access levels, not sure how similar this is to what you had in mind :)
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