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muilt story hosptials?

i have big question - there is muilt story hosptials that will have elevators and stairs or just ground floor hosptial?
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From the looks of the screen shots so far it looks like we should have multiple stories. See the following link:

That being said, I will be curious to see how they decide to implement stairs and/or elevators. For example, assuming they put in elevators, do they automatically transport people up or do they have a maximum capacity so you need to plan for volume?
Interesting issue... In real life is a big problem sometimes. Elevators for people, for staff and sick people, with or without hospital gurney... Not all are big and fast, and many have maintenance problems that must be repaired asap (sometimes to get someone out of it). Also as space distribution mechanic in the game can be another point to take care of...
Hi, we're actually working on the full version of multi-story buildings at the moment :)
We need a simple and reliable solution for elevators, so it will be an automatic system without queues or bottlenecks. Still, placing elevator banks in optimal places will have a big effect on how smoothly the hospital runs.
well i like see queues and bottlenecks if hosptial is poorly designed
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