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Events causing an influx of patients. + others

Would be really good to have at random times, events that could potentially happen outside of the hospital that would cause a mass influx of patients, for example a disease spreading throughout a small community, a fire with multiple injuries, prison riot etc etc and your hospital would have to be suitable to be able to handle such events.

Its a nice idea working up from starting at a small doctors surgery with limited space and doctors having to work on a budget to as the game progresses a huge multi storied hospital.

The integration of ambulances and possible more technical sides of the hospital i.e cleaning/catering departments, workshops, repair centres, waste / mail etc etc.
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I love the random event's idea. Having your emergency room maxed out and doctors/nurses stuck on shift because they are needed could be interesting to manage.
Also the problems and management of building services are quite important in real life. So many times I had to run trough the hospital to repair a pressure mail clog, or getting into a red code because electric failure, and start a reboot and/or start the fuel generator. Also check, clean and repair rooms like operation theaters
Hi all, we indeed plan to add a variety of different events - epidemics, accidents and also challenges from insurance companies.
As for 'utility mode', we had discussed some designs for managing electricity or water pipes, but it turned out these mostly made the game overly complicated and detracted from the focus on your staff and patients.
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