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• 11/20/2017

Emergency Department

It was not long ago I was thinking about Theme Hospital and wondering if there was a newer version or something similar!! My dreams have been answered!!

I read that there will be a ER (Emergency Department) but will this include not only walk-in patients but also ambulances?
I think it would be amazing to have ambulances arriving with different types of patients, such as cardiac, RTC (traffic accident), etc.

Also, I think it would be awesome if there is progression, such as researching new machines like MRI’s etc, as if you think about it, they didn’t exists until someone invented them!

Keep up the good work, I’ll definitely be showcasing and playing this on my YT channel!
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• 11/20/2017
Hi, the design hasn't been completely set in stone yet, but yes, ER will include both walk-in patients and (as you expand) critical cases arriving in an ambulance.

About progression - this is handled mostly by our insurance system with different insurance companies - each has a few requirements that you have to fulfill and rewards like unlocking room types or equipment. They also give access to different groups of patients.
• 11/26/2017
That’s great to hear!!

Another thing I’d like to see is patients been admitted to hospital and require overnight or even days/weeks in hospital such as operations that require close monitoring before been allowed home.

One other feature that may a challenge and nice to see is something we have over in the U.K called “bed blocking” whereas elderly people are admitted to hospital, treated but have no where to go as they require a care Home etc or have no one to look after then so they are kept in and “blocking the bed”

As I write ideas come to my head such as:

Ability to become a teaching hospital and have student nurses/doctors.

Specialist hospital where other hospitals may send the patient to you for treatment as they don’t have the nessessary skills or equipment.

Psychiatric patients who require mental health assessments and even sectioning and treated in a secure wing or hospital, maybe they escape and you need to hire security to keep them “detained” or look for them.

Illnesses that are brought into the hospital be one person but spread quickly and you have an outbreak, such as influenza or norovirus!!
• 12/1/2017
For what it's worth, I second the idea of allowing the hospital to also have student nurses/doctors. At least in the US, one of the requirements for becoming a level 1 trauma center is that is has "an organized teaching and research effort" (per American Trauma Society). I would love to see student nurses and doctors rotating through the hospital.

One interesting mechanic this could potentially allow is in regards to resident physicians. Residents are only under contract while they are in residency and afterwards are free to go elsewhere. It could make for an interesting mechanic - you recruit a junior doctor, work to train her up, and then face the choice of whether to hire her as an attending or let her. Furthermore, residents are significantly cheaper to pay than attendings, but they also have drawbacks (less experience and they need to be supervised).

How much of this could be included in the game? No idea - but I think even the bare basics could provide an extra layer of fun and decision making. :)

Edit: I watched the trailer again, this time freezing it on certain screens so I could read it a little bit more. Very excited to already see residents and nursing students in game along with various skill levels. Looks like you're already on top of it. :D
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