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• 11/19/2017


I saw this mentioned but not as a feature. The only things missing from the game were two major management tools:

1. Departmentalising - For example for a cardio department there are many 'services'. Same as the use if nurses and operating theatres. It would be good to departmentalise so that staff automatically rotate between their own departments. I hated it when a surgeon was needed but when to the GPs office first. His primary department should be operating theatre. I hope this makes sense!

2. Staffing - now I competed theme hosptial when I was very young so in my view it wasn't as challenging. I would love to see staff 'go home' and adding night shifts (which would cost you double if you run an ER/A&E). Would be an excellent way to really understand how a hosptial works. You could even use the career ladder of having a gp practice, small clinic, out paitent and then actually running a hosptial. This would greatly link to my first point.

Either way I've always said I'd pay whatever to play a similar 're make to my favourite game ever. So even without these I'm sure it will be amazing:)
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• 11/20/2017
Hi, good news, both features will be in the game - you'll be able to build different departments that will require specialized doctors (and staff in general). We already have a day-night cycle working with people going home after hours and we also plan a night shift system for departments with hospitalized patients.
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