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• 11/18/2017

Countries and Healthcare systems

It would be interesting to look at different Healthcare systems per country, each creating different challenges. In the US there is less governement funding than in most european countries. In again other countries there is virtually none. This could influence the amount of money you can get for a treatment, how many visitors you get, in what stage they arrive (do they postpone or not) facilities and others.
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• 11/19/2017
Hi, interesting ideas, this side of the game is mostly covered by a list of insurance companies the players are able to contract (and different insurance companies pay different amounts of money and send different kinds of patients - imagine a company specializing in sports, sending you mostly athletes with injuries).

We'll probably need to have a fixed list of insurance companies for sandbox mode to be able to balance the game, but we also plan a campaign mode which could be the perfect place to explore some variations.
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