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• 3/8/2018

Blood management

There will be a blood bank (maybe with donors and limited amount of blood) to manage transfusion requests?
Thank you 😊
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• 3/7/2018


Will hospital cleaners be implemented?
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• 3/7/2018

This game looks amazing!

Just amazing! There hasn't been a real game like this in years, and it looks really fun and a real challenge at the same Time. I wish the devs the best of luck in creating this game.
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• 3/6/2018


Is there a purchase of medical supplies and storage such as syringes, serum, oxygen, bandages, among others?
it has to be good
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• 3/4/2018

Next Development Update?

I've been following your work for awhile now and was very impressed with the level of detail and care you've put into it. Love the more professional and realistic approach you've taken.

I was particularly intrigued by your YouTube videos and development updates as they show the game in action, but it's been a while since the last one. Are you planing to do another anytime soon?
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• 3/2/2018

General FAQ thread needed

Just discovered this game and I must say how excited I am to see someone doing a realistic theme hospital. As a doctor myself, I'm excited to see where this goes.

I think we need a general FAQ thread, or something on the main site as I'm sure many of us have similar questions - ie, will this go early access? Will there be open alphas or betas we can get involved in? Are we expecting something in 2018 or further away?

Good luck with your game and I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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• 3/2/2018


How do laboratories work?
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• 3/2/2018

Included Medical Specialties

I thought I saw this in a post or press release somewhere but I can't seem to find it so thought I would ask:

Any idea which medical specialties will be included in the initial release?
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• 3/1/2018

Introducing polls

Greetings! I am Bert and I work for FANDOM. Today I am here to let you know about a new option in Discussions — Polls! Any user can create a poll within a post, and then others can vote. This community is part of a small group that is getting the first version of this feature. We have lots more planned. Feel free to reply to this post and let us know what you think!
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• 2/27/2018


will have the game statistics, about how many total patients attended, deceased, ...
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• 2/27/2018

ED rooms

Good morning,
Is the construction of visiting rooms of different intensity in the emergency room planned? For example, a shock room with monitors and equipment, a medium-intensity room with a monitor, and then a room for minor codes.
Thank you very much
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• 2/26/2018


Hello, I would like to know if there will be a maternity department and births can be attended.
and also tell him that if they need help in the Spanish translation, please tell me
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• 2/21/2018

What I've been waiting for!

This is the Hospital sim I've been dreaming of for years! I can't wait!
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• 2/20/2018

Hospital Expansion

Hey guys I love the place this game is going ! I was wondering if :
1) Will there be a realistic Triage System much like CTAS?
2) Will there be an option to build different floors?
3) Are you going to be offering different allied services like Funeral Home pickup service, Biohazard Disposal, Hospital stock trucks and Secure rooms for police to place mental health patients?
4) Are you going to be able to purchase land to extend your hospital length and width wise instead of just one square to build in?

Thanks in advance :D
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• 2/20/2018


Do you plan to make part of your game moddable? Like diseases, treatment options, wards...

Best regards!
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• 2/18/2018

Wards, nurses and ancillaries

Theme Hospital's diagnosis and treatment was unrealistically quick. In real life, patients are sometimes tested and diagnosed over the course of months, not hours, visiting hospital on appointment when doctors and resources are available.

More seriously ill patients, esp. those awaiting or recovering from surgery, must stay there on wards, another aspect of medical life Theme Hospital barely featured and which plays a big role in planning hospital lay-out IRL. Doctors do diagnosis, but patient care--esp. on wards--is the responsibility of nursing staff. They are the ones administering treatments from the pharmacy, monitoring patients' vitals day-to-day, and taking samples for lab testing. It would be nice to see this reflected in Project Hospital.

Additionally, though nursing staff once changed patients' bedding, supplied bedpans and served food on wards, this is now mainly the responsibility of ancillaries. They're in Project Hospital already as cleaners--vital as much to stop spread of hospital infections (MRSA) as for mere tidiness--but hospital laundries and kitchens should also be part of basic design. If hunger and bladder bars already exist for patients waiting in corridors, why can't this mechanic be extended to those on wards too?

Incidental to this is hospital visitors and visiting hours to wards. Though these hours would bring increased revenue (and realism) to Project Hospital through cafeteria and gift shop sales, they would also interfere with diagnostic access to patients and bring litter, increased risks of infection, and the need for more restrooms, bins, and receptionists. The cafeteria could be supplied from the hospital kitchen too (BTW, not wanting to turn this into Sim-Cafeteria/Giftshop - 'rabbithole' space with price/service sliders might well be enough to do the trick.)

A last, unrelated thought: outside walk-in clinics, appointment / referral system makes most patient treatment predictable; players should know how many patients to expect, who will be treating them and what tests will be done on them at the start of every day (missed appointmnents excepted). Where numbers are *not* predictable and treatment is more urgent is in A&E (Accident & Emergency) and here additional factors in the number of patients arriving and their survivability are availability of ambulances and paramedics staffing them, their turnaround time, and effectiveness of A&E triage. It would be particularly exciting to model - and, given its unpredictability, to play.
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• 2/17/2018

Nighttime = ER?

Hello, first want to say I am really looking forward to this game! it looks beautiful and I really love tha art style. :) Now on one of the pictures I see you have nighttime cycle, does this mean:

1: That we might get a ER to the hospital? or will the hospital run the same way 24/7?

2: We get longterm patients staying for a longer time at the hospital to get illness cured?
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• 2/12/2018

Release date

Is there any idea of a release date? And will it Be available on PlayStation 4 thanks
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• 2/3/2018

Epidemiology of Diseases

Hi, i'm a doctor and i was wondering if the diseases will be epidemiologically accurate, or at least, basically considered? For example, differences in prevalence of diseases by race (a lot of differences, sickle cell diseases in africans as an extreme example), by gender (e.g. urinary tract infection is much more common in women) and by age.
Also, some diseases can have different clinical presentations (for example, fever is much more common in an infant with pneumonia than in a elderly person).
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• 2/2/2018

Triage at the ED

If it isn't already planned, it would be great to implement the figure of a nurse at the emergency department entrance that assign priority codes (red, yellow, green /priority 1 2 3) to patients. And patients with high will be treated first.
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