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• 4/4/2018

Discussions update

Hello from FANDOM! Those of you who use Discussions will notice some changes to the process of creating a new post. We’ve added some buttons to suggest different types of posts to users. The link, image and poll buttons give users different prompts about what do to.

The general goal with this change is to make the post creation experience smoother, especially for new community members.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the change. How does it impact your own experience? After it’s been available for a while, have you noticed any changes to the types of posts you are seeing?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you give!
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• 3/26/2018

New forum!

Hi everybody, this took a while, but - we have a new forum! Seeing all the interest, we decided to set up a dedicated forum with more features (like pinning threads, nested categories and better search). Feel free to join us at:

You can already find a FAQ thread and all the screenshots and updates there.

We're sorry for any inconvenience and having to register again, but I'm sure this will be a big improvement for the future.
This forum will of course stay up (mostly to accompany the wiki that should start filling up at some point), but we'll be redirecting the questions and discussions to the new one now.
Free forum : Project Hospital
Free forum : Project Hospital
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• 3/22/2018


Hi, just curious as to how easy it will be to add new types of staff and things like new rooms.
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• 3/22/2018


Will there be ambulances in the Game? Can they be bought and equipped? It would be great to manage the ambulance garage
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• 3/19/2018

Beta release date

Dear all, I am very interested in the game and would like to know if it is possible to buy from now and what is the estimated date of the beta and / or the final game. Thank you very much!
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• 3/19/2018

Beta - (Closed)

Thanks everybody for signing up, it only took a couple of days for the list to basically completely fill up - I think we already have twice as many volunteers than we'll be able to manage :)
I'm removing the link, hopefully everybody who signed up from here is in, as we announced it here first (we'll simply use the order people signed up, no lottery :) ).


Hi, we planned to set it up closer to the actual date, but seeing the interest, here (was) a mailing list for the beta where you can sign up directly.
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• 3/18/2018

Will there be some kind of competition between hospitals?

I wondered if there would be some kind of competition between other AI hospitals or even other players over the internet?

In the old Theme Hospital game there were levels that had goals and you were competing to get patients to complete them.

I just wondered if there would be some of these elements in your game too?

Can't wait for the release - the game looks fantastic already! I work in software development (unfortunately nothing as exciting as this) so I mailed you to see if I can help with the Beta testing - fingers crossed! :)

All the best,

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• 3/16/2018

Closed Beta


As most of you may be aware I am a hospital worker in real life and I'm very interested in this game, I'm curious as to how myself and others can register our interest in participating in the beta.

Any answers would be appreciated.
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• 3/15/2018

fan site

hello everyone - i have setup a fan site for project hosptial
so link to here so free to come in or post something away in our project hosptial fan club (its delicated for this game)
please do give a feedback and any suggestions
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• 3/14/2018

System requirements

I'm curious as to what the hardware requirements are likely to be for Project Hospital? I'm certain my desktop PC will run the game no problem, I'm more interested in how the game might run on lower end hardware; in particular systems like laptops with 2 core 4 thread processors and integrated graphics solutions!
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• 3/14/2018


Is this game also being launched for mac?
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• 3/13/2018


Regarding nurses: modern nursing requires far more knowledge and specialist skills than even 20 years ago, will this be reflected in game? Nurses now can advance to become nurse practitioners and treat patients independently. Perhaps this can be reflected in game as nurses with enough experience and skills becoming able to staff some of the medical rooms/medical roles? This would allow the player to be flexible with their staffing choices and skill mix, especially in smaller hospitals/clinics with limited budget/capacity for doctors.
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• 3/12/2018


Is the game coming up before the summer?
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• 3/12/2018

question for devs

i would like to join the content creators but i dont know where to ask to?
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• 3/12/2018

List of room types

Can we or do we have a list of all the room types?
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• 3/11/2018

Work shifts, salary

Is it possible to set shifts to nurses and doctors? And wages?
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• 3/9/2018

ICU looks great, thank you for making this game!

I have just seen your image on Twitter of the Intensive Care Unit and it has me so unbelievably hyped for this game it's hard for me to contain myself haha.

Seeing that image really took me back to the few stays in hospital I have had over the years. I remember being in the intensive care unit after a serious accident. It's a very strange environment to find yourself in, I was hooked up to a ventilator and was doped up on about every painkiller under the sun, but still remember it well. I don't think I slept a single night in there, would always fall asleep during the day which is perhaps why that screenshot resonates with me with it being at night time. One of the clearest memories I have of ICU were the sounds, the medical equipment, the staff moving around and the constant drone of the air-conditioning! Looking forward to hearing the game as much as I'm currently enjoying seeing it :).

Will recovery rooms be in the game? My fondest memories of hospital (as bizarre as that might sound to some) were coming around after surgery in the recovery room. From shaking violently and having the Bair-Hugger on, to the realisation that you're going to be around to see another day is quite the roller-coaster of emotions, all packed into a few minutes of your life!

Again, thank you for making this game and focusing on a realistic medical setting. I really cannot wait to get my hands on it because what you've discussed and shown so far looks bloody fantastic!

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• 3/9/2018

Portering Staff

Will the game feature portering staff? Have noticed what appear to be medical staff moving patients.
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• 3/8/2018

Cost of diagnostic procedures

Are you planning to charge for diagnostic procedures? For example if I use a chest-XRay intead of a CT-chest scan, it will be cheaper. It can influence the overall hospital budget or partnership with insurance companies. (I think it could be an important aspect of the game)
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• 3/8/2018

Facilities Staff

I work in a large NHS hospital in the UK as a member of staff in the Facilities department, a department that's in charge of all the ancillary staff from linen, cooks and cleaners to porters and security etc.

The reason I'm posting this is that I'm willing to offer any insight I can into that side of things if required as I'm excited to finally see a realistic hospital sim and I hope the game really takes off.
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